Armenian Genocide – 1915 to 2014 – Light up your candle

Each year on this day, we pause to remember the victims of one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century, when as many as 1.5 million Armenians lost their lives in the final years of the Ottoman Empire, many of them victims of mass killings and forced exile. We join our fellow Americans and Armenian people around the world in commemorating this tragedy and honoring the memory of the innocent lives that were taken. The world must never forget this painful chapter of its history – Written by karine
Light up your candle in memory of Armenian Genocide victims. Include your name and your message (please DO NOT curse).
Grek dzer anun@ ev cankutyun@ nerqevi formi mej (xndrumenq chhayhoyek).

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5 Responses to “Armenian Genocide – 1915 to 2014 – Light up your candle”

  1. Gevorg & Arevik says:

    My Candle
    Erbek chenk morana ays tsavi masin ev erbek chenk lri. Tsavum enk mer 1.5 million hayeri korusti hamar. Menq aysor bolores nuyn tsavn enq aprum ev pahanjum enq vor amboxj ashxarhe enduni Hayoc Cexaspanutyune. 1915 Never again!

  2. ANI says:

    My Candle
    1915 never forget

  3. ANI says:

    My Candle
    100 years pass we will never forget and 1915 will will always be here and we will continue to be here

  4. ANI says:

    My Candle
    100 years pass we will never forget and never will happen again we be here and always here

  5. Karen says:

    My Candle
    1915 We still hope this will be recognised

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