Quyre – Episode 74

Quyre – Episode 74

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Video Description: Quyre is an Armenian TV series aired by H1 Armenian TV channel. Quyre is about a girl who is taking care of her brother and trying to survive the difficulties of life.


2 Responses to “Quyre – Episode 74”

  • Lika

    orinak es linei Sonayi texum aydqan shut chei neri….guce heto nereyi bayc voch aydqan shut u arag =]

  • LANA

    Es Lizard@ sev u spitakic baci urish guyn chuni? Ha, mi hat el manushakaguyn tapancik bluz uni, vori takic eli sev lifna erevum. :woot:



:D :) ^_^ :( :o 8O :shock: 8) ;-( :lol: xD :wink: :evil: :p :whistle: :woot: :sleep: =] :sick: :straight: :ninja: :love: :kiss: :angel: :bandit: :alien: