Verjin Hayrike – Episode 143

Verjin Hayrike – Episode 143

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Video Description: Verjin Hayrike / The Last Father - A dozen-year age gap which separates and reunites them at the same time. Just one wrong step and you will appear in the gap. Although their mission is to avoid the gap. Each new difficulty and experience is for checking the willingness to win. You are either a winner or a loser.


4 Responses to “Verjin Hayrike – Episode 143”

  • rosie

    is the movie done :(

  • Sara

    Seriously this can’t be the final episode! At least one more episode with Davit and Sona getting married! Such a disappointment! :(

  • Misho Sakian

    what happen to the episode? will the episode continue or it is done? Please respond.


  • Eva

    Hi serely hay joxovurd. Kam txamardavare haytnek vor avele lav gorse ek ansel. kam el evrchen hascrek. shat ek heastapasnum detordneren. De knerek menk el hay enk sankanum enk zaxvel haykakan filmerov erbemn. Me heastapasrek please.



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