Fashion Tips: What Are The Most Comfortable Men’s Dress Shoes?

Filed under: Mens Fashion — Fashion August 20, 2007

Profession business attire from the head down to the foot must fit comfortably, and must remain comfortable throughout the work day.

For men, a comfortable dress shoe has to be a top priority. Because most shoe purchases are final, it is important to know before you begin shopping exactly what features in dress shoes bring the most comfort to your feet. Read more…

Men’s Fashion Tips: How To Choose A Raincoat

Filed under: Mens Fashion — Fashion August 15, 2007

No matter where you live, there are times when some sort of protection against the rain is required. Whether you live in the city or the country, a raincoat is a piece of apparel that often comes in handy. With so many choices available, it may seem challenging to choose just the right type of coat for your specific needs. Here is a guide to help you make your decision. Read more…

How to Buy a Big and Tall Men’s Dress Shirt

Filed under: Help,Mens Fashion — Fashion May 27, 2007

This article discusses how big and/or tall men can fit and buy dress shirts.

Big and tall men face some unique challenges when buying clothing, particularly dress clothes, including shirts. T-shirts and other casual shirts can be difficult to fit, but the big and tall man also faces other problems when buying a dress shirt. Read more…

Mens Fashion

Filed under: Mens Fashion — Fashion January 27, 2007
By Esohe Ebohon

Fashion and clothing shopping has always been seen to be a women’s domain, something in which men until recently have not taken an active interest.
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