Secrets You Can Use To Look 10 Years Younger!

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Do you want to look younger? Who doesn’t? The need to look younger is part of America’s culture!
Most every man and woman has the desire to look and feel at least ten years younger than their biological age. Many people choose to use surgery to make the change. However, there are several secrets that you can use to enhance your looks, and shave off at least a decade of time. Read more…

Choosing The Best Eye Cream

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The skin around the eyes is very delicate, thin, and susceptible to damage. It’s also among the first places we see changes in our appearance, because of its thinness. Before you buy any eye cream, you need to take into consideration what problems you need addressed by an eye cream. Whether you have baggy eyes, puffy eyes, crow’s feet, fine lines, or dark circles, the many eye creams in stores serve different purposes to specifically combat the environmental conditions that cause our various eye problems. Read more…

How To Have Soft, Attractive Feet And Toenails

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Feet that are well cared for add a special touch to a woman’s overall appearance. Take time to nurture yours.

Although we want to look our best most of the time, we don’t always give feet priority status. Covering them with shoes and socks or slippers, feet seemed to be low man on the totem pole when it comes to beauty treatments and cosmetic appeal. Read more…

Body Piercing Tools and Jewelry

Filed under: Body Care — Fashion May 19, 2007

Learn the basics of body piercing, including the necessary tools and the most common piercing options.

The huge popularity of piercing and body modification has meant an ever-increasing range of options for those interested in doing it themselves. Read more…

Five Ways to Make Your Manicure Last

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Man and Womenby Substance Nail Expert Deborah Lippmann

1. Make sure you have a very clean nail plate before applying polish. The natural oils on your nail, lotion or a piece of cotton fiber will make the polish peel. I like to strip the nails by swabbing them with Sea Breeze or nail polish remover.
Read more…