Founders of Gevorg & Arevik Are Getting Married!!!

Gevorg & Arevik - Founders of

For a good reason for 10 days we will not be able to update The reason is that we the founders of (Gevorg & Arevik) are getting married.

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Fight (Kriv) In 32 Atam Live Broadcasting Show

32 Atam Fight (Kriv)

In one of 32 Atam Live Broadcasting Shows there was a fight which you can see in this video. 32 Atam is saying that it was a April 1st joke. What do you think by watching the video it is a real fight or its some kind of a April fools joke? Please watch the video closely and write your opinions.

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Sofi Mkheyan – Young Talented Singer

Sofi Mkheyan

Sofi Mkheyan is a young talented Armenian singer. Sofi Mkheyan started singing in Do-Re-Mi young school studio, she studied in Sayat-Nova musical school, and afterwards she graduated from Romanos Melikyan musical college. In 2005 she was awarded with the award Best newcomer┬Ł in National Music Awards.
How do you like Sofi Mkheyan’s new song and video clip “Ore Yev Nerkan”?

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