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Anuxelinere - The Abandoned is an Armenian TV series aired by Shant TV. Arbie has inherited a fortune and changed his way of life. His relatives worry about Arb...

Tsghridi Erge

Humori Liga


TV Series

Azizyanner 3 Episode 17

Yes Tesnum Em Episode 18

Full House 2 Episode 19

Yes Tesnum Em Episode 17

TV Shows

Humori Liga Episode 7

Women’s Club Episode 9

ArmComedy Live Episode 20

Humori Liga Episode 6


Lurer 12.09.18

Armenian news from Yerevan, Lurer...

Lurer 12.08.18

Armenian news from Yerevan, Lurer...

Lurer 12.07.18

Armenian news from Yerevan, Lurer...

Lratvakan Kentron 12.07.18

Latest news from Armenia, Lratvak...

Music Videos

Mihran Tsarukyan – Havata

Christine Pepelyan – Ur Es Hima (Audio)

Armenchik – Kyanqi Gine


DEMQ SHOW – American Proposal VS. Armenian Proposal

DEMQ SHOW presents American Propo...

DEMQ SHOW – Original James Bond VS. Armenian James Bond

DEMQ SHOW presents Original James...

DEMQ SHOW – Ameican Boss VS Armenian Boss

DEMQ SHOW presents Ameican Boss V...


Mer Bake

Alabalanica 1

Alabalanica is an Armenian Movie ...

Vay Mama Jan


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