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Pepelyan, ChristineChristine Pepelyans grandparents have emigrated from Kars to Gyumri, afterwards they have moved to Yerevan. Her father was the youngest child and Christine was the youngest and loved granddaughter. Christine remembers her mother telling how she was singing when she was still started to utter the first words. She had many dreams but she didnt dream of neither being a famous personality nor a favorite singer. It may sound strange for many people but when Christine was a child she dreamt of becoming a metro carriage conductor. However, some times later she understood that she mostly sings and singing is closer to her heart, than recollection of the dream about becoming a metro carriage conductor.

Christine was born on April 22, 1980 in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. Her parents mutual life was not settled properly and perhaps thats why she is their only child. However, a bit other direction took her mothers and her life. Christines father was taken into custody when she was still a newly-born baby. And Christines mother grew her up alone. Christine was 8 years old when her father came back from prison. Her mother didnt get married and waited for her husband. But Christine didnt get anything out of her father’s return. Christine remembers how every evening after the quarrels and skirmishes of her parents she slept in her mothers arms. She was 11 years old when her parents got divorced and when she was 13 she was informed that her father has died.

Dont think that she remembers her father with vicious or unkind memories. Simply that was how her parents’ and her life were arranged and she told whatever she recollects. Then it was getting harder as time progressed. Those years she considers the period of her enhancement and improvement. Can you imagine a schoolgirl who cannot make neither the choice of good clothes and bags and nor stationery. Though her mother worked all day long, from day to night; she was a babysitter in one house, she did the cleaning in the other house, and anyway everything was the same. Christine didnt want her mother to feel sad or blue. She recollects how her boots were worn out and in midwinter her feet were wet. But Christine was constantly joking. “Mammy I will wrap my feet with cellophane not to get my feet wet, can you imagine? Yeah, mammy, there isnt a cellophane foot in anywhere.”

Thats how Christine grew up and now lots of things have changed in her life. Everything is incomparably good. She doesnt know whether you will believe her or not but there are so many sweet memories in the passed years.

In 1997 she graduated from school, and in the same year she entered Yerevan State Song Theatre. She had already finished music school and as she didnt had extra classes; a good violinist didnt come out of her. She has sung in many childs bands, but frankly speaking, she didnt had an idea that one fine day she will get a salary, her most expensive, the highest and the first wage of $50 USD. Christine purchased a gold chain for her. It was the most precious chain for her. She remembers how happy she was. Now she has great many chains, but the most memorable and unforgettable was the first salary and her small, modest chain.

In 1997 she entered Grigor Zohrap University, but as she couldnt pay the tuition fees she was dismissed from the third course. After working in State Song Theatre for 6 years Christine was informed that she is already unemployed. In 2003, January 13 she was appeared in the street. Frankly speaking she is grateful to the administration of theatre and to all her colleagues in the theatre. Christine learned a lot there, it may sound strange but she is thankful for her unemployment too. There is an old saying. “If everything is bad, dramatically bad, you neednt get disappointed. Every bad is a start of some new good.”

And a new period started in her life. Contract with P production in the result of the joint work, on January 31, 2004 Christine Pepelyans first and long-expected CD was released. However, the biggest dream of her life, how strange it may sound, doesnt have ties neither with career, nor awards. She dreams of having a healthy family, to love and be loved, and have 4 children. For her it is important to be loved not only as a performer but also to be loved and accepted by people simply as a person.

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