Xutut Show

Xutut Show is an Armenian comedy TV show aired by USArmenia.

Stand Up

Stand Up is an Armenian Comedy Show aired by PanArmenian TV.


Who is he? A well known thief or unlucky actor? His priority problem is one, to make ev...


Tandem is an Armenian TV Sitcom series aired by 1TV Armenia.


Tnpesa is about a guy named Manuk who tries to win the heart of a rich mans daughter An...

Xopani Tesutyun

Xopani Tesutyun is an Armenian Sitcom TV Series aired by Shant TV.

Voske Dproc

Voske Dproc / Golden School is an Armenian TV series aired by PanArmenian TV. Voske Dpr...

Qare Dard

A talented young scientist invents a time machine and plans to test it before the Scien...

Ari Paymanavorvenq


Three students and friends Garik, Goqor and Hrach are roommates. Garik is in love with ...

Kaskaceli Ereko


Azizyanner / The Azizyan Family is an Armenian Sitcom. The Azizyan family continues to ...

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