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Stand Up

Stand Up is an Armenian Comedy Show aired by PanArmenian TV.

Erekoyan Azoyan

Erekoyan Azoyan / Evening Azoyan is a TV Show hosted by Hovhannes Azoyan and aired by P...

Siro Banadzev

Siro Banadzev / Love Formula where famous couples that we know and love are trying to f...

Hami Uje

Hami Uje - The Power of Tase program host Nazeni Hovhannisyan is making delicious Armen...

Patrastenq Miasin

Sargis Mkrtchyan the author of the program sees the kitchen as a journey, which can be ...

Yntanekan Gaxtniqner

Yntanekan Gaxtniqner - Family Secrets is an Armenian TV Show aired by USARmenia TV. Ynt...

Kisabac Lusamutner

#1 Armenian talk show with host Hrach Muradyan.

Ari Paymanavorvenq

Kaskaceli Ereko


3/OFF Armenian TV Show. Two teams face challenges in this entertaining TV Show.

Buro N6

Lav Ereko

Within the framework of the program, the hosts receive people known in Armenia and in t...

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