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Tunavor Ser

Tunavor Ser / Toxic Love is an Armenian TV Series aired by PanArmenian TV. Tunavor Ser is about love that also can be toxic in the lives of people who have skel...

ArmComedy Live


Ushacac Ser

Mer Show


The World Today 08.17.18

Latest news from around the world...

Orakarg 08.17.18

Armenian news from Yerevan, Oraka...

Lratvakan Kentron 08.17.18

Latest news from Armenia, Lratvak...

Duty Section 08.17.2018

The latest Duty Section news from...

TV Series

Erevi Episode 116

Erevi Episode 115

Eleni Oragir Episode 134

Karmir Blur Episode 159


DEMQ SHOW – American Proposal VS. Armenian Proposal

DEMQ SHOW presents American Propo...

DEMQ SHOW – Original James Bond VS. Armenian James Bond

DEMQ SHOW presents Original James...

DEMQ SHOW – Ameican Boss VS Armenian Boss

DEMQ SHOW presents Ameican Boss V...


Paxir Kam Amusnacir

Alabalanica 1

Alabalanica is an Armenian Movie ...

Kyanq U Kriv 2

Super Mama

Music Videos

Karen Boksian – My Town (Live in Concert)

Karen Boksian’s live perfor...

Arame – Lyubov Moya (Audio)

Arame’s song called Lyubov ...


Taqnvac Ser Episode 165

Qare Dard Season 2 Episode 3

Verjin Hayrike Episode 35

Poxnak Mayre Episode 11

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Poxnak Mayre Episode 17

Xopani Tesutyun Episode 36

Vorogayt Episode 57

Lilit Hovhannisyan – Te Axjik Lineir (Live)

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