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Humori Liga

Humori Liga is an Armenian comedy TV show aired by Shant TV. Groups of talented comedians performing on the stage in front of audience and judges to advance to ...


Yes Tesnum Em

TAXI Battle

Ayrvac Anurjner


Duty Section 11.20.2018

The latest Duty Section news from...

Lurer 11.20.18

Armenian news from Yerevan, Lurer...

Lratvakan Kentron 11.20.18

Latest news from Armenia, Lratvak...

The World Today 11.20.18

Latest news from around the world...

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DEMQ SHOW – American Proposal VS. Armenian Proposal

DEMQ SHOW presents American Propo...

DEMQ SHOW – Original James Bond VS. Armenian James Bond

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Xax Im Kanonnerov

Vazir Knojd Mot


Super Mama

Music Videos

Super Sako – Dance With You

Karen Boksian – Sweet Dream (Live in Concert)

Karen Boksian’s live perfor...

Noro – Sheram


Erevi Episode 153

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Urishi Hogin Episode 108

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Kisabac Lusamutner Tsnoghakan Hoverov

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