Nail Basics: How And Why To Use A Base Coat

Filed under: Nails — Fashion July 3, 2007

Before applying colored polish, always use a base coat. Not only does a base coat provide a smooth surface for color, but it can promote healthier nails.

Base coats are necessary for promoting healthier nails, and ensuring easier application.

What is a base coat? Read more…

Tips For Stronger Nails

Filed under: Help,Nails — Fashion May 15, 2007

Strong fingernails resistant to breaks depend on both a healthy diet and the proper nail care.

Splitting, peeling fingernails can not only be unattractive, but unhealthy. Improving your nail health requires special care and attention on both the inside and out. Read more…

Manicures At Home

Filed under: Help,Nails — Fashion May 13, 2007

Learn how to give yourself a professional and relaxing manicure in the comfort of your own home.

Going out to get a manicure can be both fun and relaxing. It is a chance to let all your worries slip away, to be pampered and come out looking beautiful. However, going out to get a manicure can also be a hassle. It gets expensive to do it frequently. Read more…

Nail Polishing Preparations

Filed under: Nails — Fashion May 10, 2007

Tired of fingernail polish drops and spatters? Take a few minutes to get organized before doing your nails next time.

Sometimes the task of applying a coat of nail polish has to be worked into a hectic schedule while you’re on the run. After spilling a drop or two on your slacks or the table, you realize the next time you’d better take your time and get ready first. Here are a few tips to remember. Read more…

Choosing a Quality Nail Dryer

Filed under: Help,Nails — Fashion April 17, 2007

Nail dryers fit every price range, from cute plastic cool air dryers, to portable manicure sets, to professional size warm air dryers.

You are sitting through yet another tedious nail-drying session. The phone rings, you run to pick it up, and oops! You’ve smudged your nail polish again. Read more…

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