Make Up Art Cosmetics That Are Smear Proof

Isn’t it embarrassing when you catch sight of your reflection after an important meeting at work, and you have a black smear of eyeliner UNDER one eye? Or when you’ve had a hilarious lunchhour with your girlfriends, and rushed back to the office without checking your makeup, only to find – hours later – that “artistic” trails of mascara have settled halfway down your cheeks?

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What Are Holistic Beauty Products?

The term holistic beauty covers a large range of personal care products geared towards improving appearance without the destructive effects of harsh synthetics and artificial preservatives. It can also entail a nutritional approach, which benefits one from the inside out.

Most products on the market in your average grocery store, drugstore, or even beauty outlet contain harsh and often corrosive chemicals, which have long been linked to potential carcinogenic affects and questionable long term usage.

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Eye Makeup Tricks to Get that Sexy, Smokey Look

Everyone wants to look like a movie star. I know I do, at least. I’ve found that I get the best results by smoking out my eyes, with makeup and not a pack of cigarettes! Smoky eyes are stunning, sexy and terribly glamorous. Hollywood starlets like Jennifer Lopez and Hilary Duff have all been photographed with the smoky eye look.

Smoky eyes give an added attractive and seductive look to your eyes.

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Planning Hair And Makeup Before Prom Night

If you would like to have your hair styled and make up done in a special way for prom, here are a few things to consider.

Next to homecoming, special awards and high school graduation, prom is one of the most important evenings a girl will have in high school. She’ll begin dreaming about it long before the big night arrives.

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Makeup Tips: When To Leave Beauty Marks And When To Cover Them

Find out if you should cover your beauty mark or show it off!

So you have a beauty mark, known to some as a mole or birthmark. Now you have the decision to leave it for the world to see, or cover it. As long as you have had the marking checked by a professional and it has been decided that the marking is safe and does not need to be removed then ultimately the decision is up to you.

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