What Are Holistic Beauty Products?

The term holistic beauty covers a large range of personal care products geared towards improving appearance without the destructive effects of harsh synthetics and artificial preservatives. It can also entail a nutritional approach, which benefits one from the inside out.

Most products on the market in your average grocery store, drugstore, or even beauty outlet contain harsh and often corrosive chemicals, which have long been linked to potential carcinogenic affects and questionable long term usage. Typical shampoos for instance frequently contain a sudsing agent known as Sodium Laurel Sulfate which in essence is the same harsh surfactant used in floor polishers, and other industrial strength cleaning supplies. Many deodorants contain aluminum, which has a questionable long-term connection with the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Often these deodorants/antiperspirants clog the pores and can lead to lymph blockage. The list goes on and on, and the ramifications are especially pressing for individuals with weakened immune systems, or even overly sensitive skin.

Holistic beauty products are readily found in your local health food store, or whole foods outlet. These products are generally 100 percent natural. They utilize botanicals and natural ingredients such as essential oils, which are beneficial, and replace the artificial preservatives found on the common market. Mostly all of them also do not test on animals, as do those commonly produced on the ready market.

In shopping for these products you will find the price of natural beauty care significantly higher than what you find in a “regular” store.

That is because it costs allot more for the manufactures to produce them. The quality of the ingredients and the necessity of harvesting and processing botanicals are much more expensive. There wouldn’t be all those artificial ingredients in the first place hadn’t it been a cost saving measure. This is slowly changing with awareness. The more people that buy these products, the more the market increases. This will lead to lower prices eventually as typical mass producers start making advances into the holistic field.

You will find in your local health food store or whole foods market aisle after aisle devoted to personal care, with items ranging from soaps and shampoos, to deodorants and toothpaste. There are also nutritional supplements geared towards maintaining healthy skin and hair. You will also find bath salts that aid the purging of toxins, and stress relieving teas. Naturally based makeup is also available. More and more books are coming out that advocate this movement. You will find literature on home remedies and Natural Beauty care. This one time grass roots industry has been growing rapidly as people are becoming more aware of the effects of our toxic environment.

These products are gentler, safer and more readilly biodegradable. The impact on our enviroment is one of the most positive benifits of taking on a holistic beauty regimine. The wonderfull smell of essential oils and luxuriant creams lend to an awakening of the senses and provide a heady, sensual experience as well.

The whole approach is different. These products are geared towards maintaining appearance without compromising health and ethics. The focus here is the maintenance of the whole person, as opposed to a quick beauty fix. The benefits are substantial and well worth the investment!

By: David Smith

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