Hair Care

Highlight Shades for Long Brown Hair

Should you go, as a brunette, with shimmering sand strands, strawberry blonde streaks, golden tones? Should you go cool or warm? Red, blonde, copper, or just a lighter shade of brown? Highlights can make an updo look more sophisticated, inspire your loose waves to seduce that new guy, or fool people into thinking you just spent a week by the ocean. Brown hair’s the most versatile in the highlighting realm due to its endless color possibilities. Blondes get lowlights or highlights a few shades lighter their natural color, redheads can use certain shades of blonde, but long-haired brunettes can truly do anything and be as subtle or daring as they want.

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Fashions That Complement Short Brown Hair

On the right woman, there is nothing more striking that short brown hair. There are endless fashions ideas for either a classic bob or a trendy spiky cut. We will discuss a few hints and tips to best flatter your style, whether it is short and sassy, short and sweet or just plain funky.

What are the best fashions for a short brown bob hair cut?

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Keeping Brown Hair Healthy After Bleaching

There’s something about women with blond hair. Although brunettes and redheads certainly have their fans, there are a lot of people who just go crazy over blond hair. However, not everyone who wants to be a blond is born as a blond, and many women with darker hair decide to bleach their mane. This is an especially common decision for brunettes, and as a result many women need to know how to keep their brown hair healthy through repeated bleachings.

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How To Get Brilliant Pink, Blue, And Green Dye Over Brown Hair

Whether your hair is light-brown, deep auburn, or so dark brown that it almost looks black, you will have to remove the brown color from your hair to let brilliant hair dyes like pink, blue, and green shine through. Like an artist needs a pale canvas to convey intense color in it’s true brilliance, brown hair needs to be lightened to blonde to prepare it for the application of truly brilliant hair color.

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The Best Hairstyles For Brunettes

The time comes when a hairstyle becomes boring and unattractive. When a brunette is seeking to change their hairstyle, they have a variety of options available to them. Factors a brunette should consider when choosing a new hairstyle include face shape, hair texture, and amount of the amount of maintenance a hairstyle might require.

For brunettes with a face of delicate proportions, a classic hairstyle that is never overused is the pixie cut. This is especially ideal for brunettes who want a hairstyle that is very low-maintenance.

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