Keeping Brown Hair Healthy After Bleaching

There’s something about women with blond hair. Although brunettes and redheads certainly have their fans, there are a lot of people who just go crazy over blond hair. However, not everyone who wants to be a blond is born as a blond, and many women with darker hair decide to bleach their mane. This is an especially common decision for brunettes, and as a result many women need to know how to keep their brown hair healthy through repeated bleachings.

Although some women decide to bleach their hair at home, going to a professional at a salon really is better. Professionals are able to use the gentlest product possible and know not to leave the bleach on too long. Find a colorist you trust and be sure to communicate very clearly. Let your stylist know that you are worried about damage and see what the colorist can do.

One of the keys to avoiding damage is to not get your hair bleached too often. The greater the difference between your natural shade and your desired shade, the more the roots will stand out; this will lead to more frequent bleachings. Therefore, if your hair is very dark, you may want to settle for a darker blond. You should also consider getting blond highlights instead of all-over blond color. Highlights grow out better and require fewer touch-ups.

You should also talk to your stylist about post-bleaching conditioning options. You should be able to get a deep conditioning treatment at the salon. If your hair is still very dry or damaged, buy a deep conditioning treatment to use once a week at home and another conditioner designed for bleached hair for daily use.

Some people swear by home-made conditioning treatments. If you like natural products, are short on money, or both, these home-made recipes might be perfect for you. Although there are lots of different variations, most recipes simply involve combining some of the following: olive oil, honey, avocado, and egg.

Remember that bleach is not the only thing that damages hair. If you are bleaching your hair, you need to be especially carefully about blow-drying, curling, and flat-ironing your hair. Use the lowest temperatures possible and apply a protective product to your hair to reduce the amount of damage done. When you are curling or straightening your hair, make sure that your hair is completely dry. Also consider buying ceramic styling tools, which cause less damage and only cost a little bit more than similar, non-ceramic models.

If you take care of your hair, you should be able to both bleach your hair and enjoy soft, shiny, beautiful hair. If you are unsure whether or not you want to risk the damage, remember that hair is only hair and it will grow back; what is the fun in having hair if you do not experiment with it? And if you have already bleached your hair and now have a brittle, straw-like mess, remember that it is never too late to improve the quality of your hair. Simply use the above suggestions.

By: Laurel Fisher

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