Beauty and Fragrance: The Difference Between Designer and Knock Off Perfumes

Are perfume knock offs just as good as the designer originals?

Designer perfumes are coveted for their wonderful scents, but are generally very expensive. Because of this, many fragrance manufacturers create products similar to the designer originals and sell them for a fraction of the price.

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All About Cacharel Cosmetics And Perfume

A brief history and description of the luxurious fragrance line and products by Cacharel.

Cacharel cosmetics and perfumes are among the most popular in the entire world. Generating from Paris, France, the line holds some of the most traditional perfumes known to the world today. Cacharel’s founder Jean Bousquet wanted to create a line of fragrances that are not only feminine, but also luxurious.

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Perfume imitates nature

Some perfumes use pheromones from the animal world. “Civetone”, for example, comes from both male and female civet cats and musk comes from male musk oxen. Both pheromones are used to mark territory and to attract the attention of the opposite. Human urine has been found to contain a substance with a strong musk-like smell.

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What’s In My Perfume?

What's In My Ferfume?In the beginning, there was purity. The word “perfume” comes from the Latin phrase per fumum, which means “through smoke.” The basic components are alcohol, water & fragrance or oil. The first fragrances were created with natural things-flower essence and other natural sources. These were (and are) called “essential oils”. This process was time-consuming and costly, but much better for your health. Fewer people have sensitivity to “essential oils” than to perfumes.

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Home Made Perfum Cream

Home Made CreamMake your own favourite perfum creme. It makes a fantastic, inexpensive present to give to your friends
– 5ml Jojobaoil
– 30 ml Almondoil
– 7.5 gr Beeswax (NOT candlewax or paraffin!)
– 7.5 ml Essential oils or fragrance of your choice

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