The Best Hairstyles For Brunettes

The time comes when a hairstyle becomes boring and unattractive. When a brunette is seeking to change their hairstyle, they have a variety of options available to them. Factors a brunette should consider when choosing a new hairstyle include face shape, hair texture, and amount of the amount of maintenance a hairstyle might require.

For brunettes with a face of delicate proportions, a classic hairstyle that is never overused is the pixie cut. This is especially ideal for brunettes who want a hairstyle that is very low-maintenance. This hairstyle is also best for brunettes who have hair that does not tend to be especially wavy or curly, since the charm of a pixie cut is its straight layers that frame the face. Brunettes with this face shape who have thicker and curlier hair should choose hairstyles with minimum layers, and, at most, reach the shoulders. Hairstyles like this require a moderate amount of maintenance, which would involve the daily application of hairspray, mousse, or hair gel to keep the curls in place.

Brunettes with fuller faces should choose longer hairstyles to make their face appear more angular. There has been a recent style trend where celebrities such as Jessica Simpson have cut their longer hairstyles in favor of shoulder-length hairstyles with bangs brushed to the side across the face and at angle, and lots of prominent layers. This is a lovely hairstyle that brunettes of this face shapes should consider for the summer, or just if they live in a warmer climate. This face shape is ideal for women who have naturally straight hair, as it will eliminate the upkeep of always having to straighten the hair to produce the desired effect of framing the face. Brunettes with this face shape who have hair that tends to be curly and wavy should select hairstyles that go below the shoulder, with layers only around the face. Although these types of hairstyles require the maximum amount of maintenance in regards to drying and adding hairstyling products to eliminate frizz, they do make a lovely fashion statement. Longer hairstyles show a preference for a more natural look, which can be elegant when worn down long, or swept up in a messy bun for formal functions, with pieces of hair lightly surrounding the face.

There is, with any hairstyle, the option of whether or not to have bangs. Bangs work well for pixie hairstyles, and the new favorite celebrity hairstyle that has already been discussed. However, if brunettes choose to add bangs to complement their hairstyles, they should be lightly layered, and at an angle across the face. Another option instead of prominent bangs is to have shorter layers around the facial area. This allows the brunette to choose whether or not to have the appearance of longer bangs or not bangs at all, depending on the choice of hairstyle.

Long or short, bangs or no bangs, brunettes have many different attractive hairstyles to choose from. Although it is recommended to keep in mind the face shape, it is really up to what the brunette thinks is best. Hairstyles are an excellent way of showing self-expression, and the best hairstyle is the one that makes the person feel the best about themselves, not necessarily the hairstyle that gets the most complements.

By: Alison Faria

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