Fashions That Complement Short Brown Hair

On the right woman, there is nothing more striking that short brown hair. There are endless fashions ideas for either a classic bob or a trendy spiky cut. We will discuss a few hints and tips to best flatter your style, whether it is short and sassy, short and sweet or just plain funky.

What are the best fashions for a short brown bob hair cut?

A classic bob or one with a modern twist dictates clothes that match your carefree personality. Try and choose sweet looking outfits that remind you of the girl next door. This does not mean you have to eliminate sexiness, just show your sensual side in a more subtle way. Long skirts paired with a free-flowing peasant shirt bring out your innocent side. An old fashioned lace blouse gives any pair of jeans an elegant touch. Suits for the office should incorporate a dress skirt instead of the common dress pants. Pastel colors work really well. (Black can be used as a surprising neutral color for a modern touch.)The trick here is to create a sense of classic femininity that compliments your timeless haircut.

Any tips for accessorizing with a short brown bob haircut?

Chunky earrings that dangle past the end of your hair rarely flatter and most of the time just seem out of balance. Pair a set of smaller stone studs with a choker to give an air of reserved sensuality. Stick to the less is more‚ theory that describes your hair style. I would choose a gold tone for most of your jewelry pieces because of its more classical appearance.

I am a brunette with a short spiky haircut. What fashions best flatter me?

I am guessing that you are an edgy modern day type of woman and that you want a fashion sense that matches your unique personality. The one thing to be careful about here is to not lose your complete sense of femininity because a lot of those spiky styles can be very sensual, on the right woman, especially if paired with the right clothes. Also, do not go overboard on the girlie‚ accents associated with femininity or it just ends up seeming like you’re playing dress up.

For business clothes, stick more to the suits with dress pants instead of skirts. Wear a silk shirt underneath your blazer to add a touch of softness. When you are going out for a night of fun, tank tops with jeans are always a good mixture. Throw one of those long sweaters or a pretty shawl over the top and you’re ready to go. (Layers create versatility.) Even novelty t-shirts come in feminine cuts now with off the shoulder sleeves. Pair one of these with a short skirt, thigh-high boots and those statement making tops instantly become sexy as well as fun.

What about the accessories that complement women with short brown spiky hair?

You are lucky enough in this area to have unlimited possibilities when it comes to accessorizing your outfit. I think silver jewelry looks best because of its more striking, modern appearance. A pair of outrageous chunky earrings matches the spike in your hair, while a pair of small subtle studs serves well for a wonderful contrast. There are no hard fast rules in this area. Your unique hair cut warrants just about any accessories that you can think of.

What fashion advice is there for women with a hair-cut somewhere in-between, that’s not a bob but doesn’t have the modern spikes either?

Often referred to fondly as the‚ mom haircut‚ this hairstyle is of the convenient type that exudes the no fuss, no muss‚ attitude. This does not in anyway take away from your femininity. In fact this type of cut can be both flirty and sexy while being‚ wash and go. A casual comfortable style works well with this type of haircut for most days. The trick here is to add a little touch of softness with simple diamond studs or a gold chain hung around your neck. Wearing girly under-things can make you feel ultra sensual; even in the most common of clothes and that will exude through your outer appearance. The better you feel about yourself, the better you will look.

As far as the nights you want to dress up a little, you can wear almost anything and be stunning in it. Due to your casual appearance most of the time, you will wow yourself and others with your transformation from the‚ glue that holds the household together‚ to an all out femme fatal or girly-girl or classic starlet…the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

With all the advice I have offered, I need to make one simple point clear. Only wear what you feel good in. Even if the most famous of fashion guru’s approves of an outfit, but you feel self-conscious in it, your uncomfortable feelings will end up showing through.

By: Angela Epps

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