Five Fashion Tips For A Brunette

It’s always hard to give makeup or fashion tips to a general group of people because there are exceptions to the rules in every case. I’ve heard people told plenty of times, Wow, only YOU could pull that off. And in a lot of cases, it’s true. What works for the general population isn’t necessarily going to work for everyone in it. But here is a guide that should give a few cues to go from when searching for your best look, whether your hair’s freshly dyed or you’ve always been a smoldering brunette.

Tip #1: Fall in love with color! Brunettes don’t have to be afraid that bright red peacoat or turquoise tank will overpower their coloring. There’s enough pigment on their heads to balance out any color. Brunettes can wear white, black, or anything in between. They just have to learn which hues work best with the undertones in their skin.

Tip #2: Be cautious with icy shades. As stated above, bold color usually looks best with dark hair. Pastel shades are better left to your fair-haired sisters. A very pale pink or blue may not be enough to balance the shirt or dress color with the depth of the hair color, for example. This is not ho say brunettes should never wear pastels, but a color with more oomph says more on a brunette than a timid, barely-colored pastel.

Tip #3: When choosing between a white and black collared shirt or turtleneck, opt for white in most cases. This showcases your haircolor more effectively due to the contrast. Black tends to blend in with dark brown or, obviously, black hair. Black v-necks work well for dark haired girls because the black color isn’t right up around the hair on all sides. Skintone breaks it up.

Tip #4: Wear a scarf in your hair from time to time and accessorize boldly elsewhere as well. Try a polka dot scarf for a mod accent and to break up the color of your hair. Pair it with a neutral colored shirt to dress up a boring ensemble. Thick headbands also work well. If you’re out in the sun, sport your dark black Jackie O sunglasses. Those aren’t too much when your hair’s a dark frame around the total picture of your face.

Tip #5: Coordinate your makeup with your clothing. Wear coral gloss and blush/bronzer if your brunette hair has red or golden tones. Coral complements warm colors better than pink. Wear a berry or pink gloss and your favorite pink blush to tie your clothing to your makeup if you’re a cool with ash tones in your hair. Don’t necessarily match your lipstick to your shirt (red lipstick plus a red shirt equals too much), but double check and make sure they share the same undertones. With a blue-purple, wear a berry lipcolor with blue undertones. Wearing mustard yellow? Search for products with yellow tones, such as golden nudes.

Now, go to your closet, put on some color, and tie your hair back with a scarf because brunettes really get to have all the fun.

By: Crystal Schwanke

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