Eye Makeup Tricks to Get that Sexy, Smokey Look

Everyone wants to look like a movie star. I know I do, at least. I’ve found that I get the best results by smoking out my eyes, with makeup and not a pack of cigarettes! Smoky eyes are stunning, sexy and terribly glamorous. Hollywood starlets like Jennifer Lopez and Hilary Duff have all been photographed with the smoky eye look.

Smoky eyes give an added attractive and seductive look to your eyes. It’s an easy look to procedure and creates an extra bit of flair all types of faces. They can set a dramatic tone and draws attention to your eyes. Here are some instructions on perfecting your technique in how to get the perfect smoky eyes look.

Picking the perfect color – The traditional makeup colors for smoky eyes are black or grey, but that doesn’t mean you are limited to those only two color choices. Some stylists use less intense colors like as: violet, chocolate, coffee, dark pink, copper, dark green, dark blue and even purple. Be sure to keep in mind your own eye color when choosing what color eye shadow shades. Hair color and skin tone are also important.

A little bit of prep work You’ll want to keep your eyelids oil free for the majority of the day. That’s the key to keeping your eyeshadow from melting into your eyelid crease throughout the day. Start with an eyeshadow base and dab at bit on the lids before your shadow application.

Apply eyeliner – If you’re aiming for a typical black look or a gray smoky eye, apply some eyeliner above the upper lash line, and draw the line thicker towards the middle. If you’re going for a jewel-toned eye, line your eyes with colors like purple, blue or deep green liner. Never use liquid eyeliner. They are better for sharper lines, not a soft and sultry finish which is what you are looking for.

Take out your blender Blend out the color on your bottom lashes. You’ll want a lighter eyeliner color for that key smoky eye look. The trick is to smudge the eyeliner just a little bit. You can also apply a small amount shadow to get full smudge looking effect.

Apply light base color Normally, you apply your full foundation before applying your eye makeup. This isn’t normally; this is the smoky eye look. Apply your eye makeup first, this way if you get some of your eye shadow on the rest of your face you won’t spoil your foundation. It also helps avoid that raccoon eye look under your eyes. First, apply a thin layer of foundation to your eyelids followed by a thin layer of face powder to set the foundation. It will look better and last longer.

Get out the blender, again – Blend in those darker colors, but keep it below the crease. Now, that you have your base and eyeliner on, it’s time for the smoky effect. You’ll need a darker eyeshadow shade. Using an eyeshadow brush, blend the colors in starting from your lash line, working your way up. Make sure the eye liner disappears.

That finishing touch – Curl your eyelashes before applying mascara. It opens up your eyes more. Then, apply two or three thin coats of black mascara to avoid clumping. Volume increasing mascara will work perfectly.

Does it match? – Finish your foundation but be careful not to mess up all the work you just did. Keep your lips neutral to give those smoky eyes a real impact. Also, use a flesh toned lip pencil and a pink shade of lipstick or lip gloss to give your lips a subtle finish. Apply a subtle finish of rose or tawny blusher to the apples of your cheeks by blending away to the edges of your hairline.

Author: Angie Leighsmith

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