Christine Pepelyan – Havata

Christine Pepelyan was born on April 22, 1980. Christine Pepelyan is an Armenian broadcaster and singer. In 2013, she was one of the jury members of Armenian The Voice, in addition, the winner of The Voice was from her team. In 2017, Christine Pepelyan appeared as a special guest in a musical program called "Benefis", which is about the most prominent Armenian singers and songwriters.

Official Music video of “Havata” by Christine Pepelyan.
Music & Lyrics: Jacklin Tadevosyan
Director: Zara Nazaryan
Arrangement: DUETRO
Producer: Sofiya Ghulyan
D.O.P.: Suren Tadevosyan
Screnplay: Anastasia Gerasyuk
Editor: Vladimir Krug
Colorgrading by Alexander Samokhvalov
Choreography: Show-Balet «RUS-VEGAS» by Ksenia Rogozina
Image: Janna Chernyakova
Make up: Polina Akopyan
Hairstyle: Gayane Sedrakyan
Backstage: Tigran R. Margarian
Titles: Tigran R. Margarian.

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