Karen Boksian Feat. Romeo Thagoodfellas & Qwes Kross – Up In The Club

Karen was born in Tbilisi, the most beautiful city in Georgia. To Karen, Music is the way of communication with the surrounding world. In his songs he expresses his feelings and thoughts. To always be on stage, performing in front of people of different countries and ages, giving them the gift of his music, happiness and love.

KAREN BOKSIAN – UP IN THE CLUB featuring Romeo Thagoodfellas & Qwes Kross.
Produced by:
Music Video Director:
Hayk Atomts

Assistant Editor:
Grigor Arakelyan

Music Producer:
Karen Petrosyan
for Wicked Music Group

Executive Music Producer:
Edvin Danelian
for Wicked Music Group

Song Writers:
Karen Petrosyan
Romeo Thagoodfellas

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