Full House Season 9 Episode 10

Full House Armenian TV Series aired by PanArmenian TV. Full House Armenian TV Series is about group of friends and their adventures.

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  1. It’s time for Armenians in Armenia to stop making jokes about Armenians who ran from genocide and established routes in other countries and save a nation and created new generation of Armenians. Without understanding the reason why fellow Armenians say “Aghpar” one another please don’t use it in your context.
    Let me enlighten you, the people whom you call Aghpar are the victims of
    genocide who escaped the genocide and tried to establish Armenian families in Bairuth, Haleb Greece, and many other countries, where the word Aghpar means brother, if you TEGHATCINNERET are uneducated about your past it is time to learn. Not knowing is not a shame, but lacking willingness to not learn is! Word Aghpar Arevemtahayeren means Eghbayr in Arevelahayeren.
    Grow up! DATARKAGLUXNER!!!


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