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5 most common types of nails

Guide to the trendiest and most common types of artificial nails, including acrylic, gel, porcelain and silk or fiber wraps.

Whether you are dressing up for prom, a wedding or other special occasion or simply wanting beautifully sculptured nails, there are several options for making your hands look like a million dollars. Artificial nails have been a popular trend since the early 1990’s and are continuously increasing in popularity.

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Hair care products: what are the benefits of bees wax in your hair?

Learn the helpful properties of beeswax and how it can improve your hair style. You can add a safe and natural ingredient to your everyday look.

Beeswax is a very natural substance that contains beneficial properties found in items such as lotions, ointments, creams, lip balms, lipsticks, pharmaceutical products, polishes, candles, soaps, and cosmetic products. Its many benefits can especially be found in a variety of consumer hair care products.

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Skincare Tips To Help Minimize Product Induced Irritations

Facial skincare tips to help minimize product induced irritations.

Whether young or young-at-heart, male or female, irritations on your face sometimes come with obvious signs such as redness, rashes, and blotches. But, symptoms such as overactive oil glands, blemishes and dried-up skin cells are also common irritation signs that you might be ignoring. In fact, you might be treating a blemish or oily skin with more of the same irritants making matters worse. These irritations can impair your skin’s immune ability, cause inflammation and accelerate the aging process; and no one wants that. Steer clear of these short and long term sufferings with a few of these strategies.

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Choosing styles and clothing to look slimmer

Follow these helpful tips and ideas for looking slimmer. Included are suggestions for clothing styles and colors to make you look thin and beautiful.

Bologna may be the same no matter which way you slice it, but that little saying isn’t true for the human figure. You can appear to be slimmer while wearing certain styles, colors, and types of clothing. You can easily look ten to twenty pounds lighter if you know the secrets to looking slimmer.

Get rid of clothing with horizontal stripes. Even the slimmest person will look portly in outfits bearing horizontal patterns and stripes. If you prefer clothing with patterns and stripes, make sure they run vertically. They will give the body a taller and slimmer appearance. Illusion is the main key to looking thinner.

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Beauty Tips: How To Remove Hair Dye From Skin

How to remove those horrible hair dye stains from the skin of your forehead and neck.

We’ve all done it. We’ve all gone down that embarrassing road. We dye our hair and realize our forehead and ears and neck are now the same color as our hair dye and it is NOT coming off with simple rubbing. Now the easiest way to remove hair dye from skin is to not let it happen and take preventative measures to avoid this catastrophe. When we get our hair dyed professionally, the stylist will usually put a long string of cotton around our entire head, covering our forehead, ears and neck.

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