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What Is Lycogel Makeup?

Information on Lycogel makeup: what it is, what it is used for, and what conditions it is used for.

In the world today, image is a high priority for most people. We all want to have perfect, flawless skin. But the truth is that most of us have skin that has been marked by time and acne.

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Fashion Tips: Dressing For The Holidays

Ideas on what to wear to holiday parties and events, including dresses, skirts, jewelry, shoes and accessories for a formal, glamorous or festive look.

There are so many exciting holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the most exciting times of the year. Be bold and bring out the sparkle and shine in your wardrobe.

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Fashion Tips: How To Dress Up Denim

Learn some hip tips to dress up denim from casual to business attire to elegant and sophisticated by coordinating accessories.

Denim doesn’t have to be casual. Dressing up denim can be a fun, yet challenging fashion mission. This everyday staple can look just as dressy with some must-have finishing touches. Learn some hip tips to dress up your favorite piece of clothing.

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Hair Fashion: Hair Style Do’s And Don’t For Black Hair Highlights

An overview of tips and tricks for black hair types, including the do’s and don’ts of proper hair care and highlighting techniques.

Hair care is much like that of face and body maintenance. A task propels you into territory you never realized existed. Particular gels can make your hair stand on end. A good leave in conditioner will relax your hair, keeping it soft and smooth.

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How to Buy a Big and Tall Men’s Dress Shirt

This article discusses how big and/or tall men can fit and buy dress shirts.

Big and tall men face some unique challenges when buying clothing, particularly dress clothes, including shirts. T-shirts and other casual shirts can be difficult to fit, but the big and tall man also faces other problems when buying a dress shirt.

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