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Skin Care: How To Prevent Cold Weather Dry Skin

Although many people consider dry skin unavoidable during the winter season, there are several easy ways and techniques to protect your skin, prevent it from becoming itchy and ashy, and keep it moisturized.

Every winter, that unpleasant menace dry skin plagues millions of people. They spend their days itching ashy legs, licking chapped lips, and nursing painfully cracked hands.

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Fashion Faux Pas? How and When to Wear Platform Shoes

Platform shoes in fashion? Out of fashion? Who can wear them? With what? And when?

Well, to take things in order – platforms, like mini skirts and capri pants (both of which look good with platforms, by the way), are one of those fashion items eternally loved by some, hated by others, but which always seem to be around in some form or other.

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Clothes Fashion Tips: Learn What Color Can Do For You

Clothes fashion tips to dress by: Color is a tool to create whatever illusion you wish. This is how you utilize this tool to look your personal best.

The colors you wear can make or break your look. Color can enhance your facial features, eye color, and shape of your body. It can also work against you by camouflaging your body, accentuating the negative and even changing the perception of your natural coloring.

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Beauty Health And Care Home Remedy Treatment For Dry Skin

Having soft skin needn’t cost a fortune. Save money with these recipes with natural ingredients for home treatment for dry skin.

Everyone has to contend with dry skin at one time or another. For some, it’s easily remedied with a little supermarket hand cream, while others have to rely on pricier items from the pharmacy.

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How Do I Make Curly Hair Straight

How do I make curly hair straight, there is a solution, find out what it is here.

Curly hair just loves humidity. Come on, you know how it is: you spend hours holding a hair dryer and with a fat round brush pulling and brushing your hair so that it’ll come out straight and sleek.

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