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Highlight Shades for Long Brown Hair

Should you go, as a brunette, with shimmering sand strands, strawberry blonde streaks, golden tones? Should you go cool or warm? Red, blonde, copper, or just a lighter shade of brown? Highlights can make an updo look more sophisticated, inspire your loose waves to seduce that new guy, or fool people into thinking you just spent a week by the ocean. Brown hair’s the most versatile in the highlighting realm due to its endless color possibilities. Blondes get lowlights or highlights a few shades lighter their natural color, redheads can use certain shades of blonde, but long-haired brunettes can truly do anything and be as subtle or daring as they want.

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Healthy All Natural Skin Care Products

You can spend a lot of money on face creams, cleansers and the like. Natural remedies require a bit of work, but are a lot cheaper and are possibly better for you than a pot load of chemicals. Unless otherwise specified, rinse all of these off with lukewarm water.


Dry and/or sensitive skin will benefit from:

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Tips On Buying Children’s Clothing Online

Children, particularly young children, go through clothing very quickly. Knees wear out in pants, a shirt that fit perfectly last week suddenly shows your child’s belly, or a favorite sweater has a permanent stain. It may seem like you are always out shopping for clothes for you kids, but there is alternative to loading everyone up in the minivan and heading to the mall. It’s online shopping. By following some tips, you can save yourself time, frustration and possibly even some money by doing your shopping on your computer.

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How To Buy Tap Dancing Shoes

Tap dancing is an old age art form that can best be identified by mentioning famous names like Fred Astaire, Shirley Temple, and Sammy Davis, Jr. If you’re a tap dancer yourself, then you know that you need three things to excel in this art: music, nimble feet, and a good pair of tap shoes.

Just like athletic or dress shoes, there is a wide variety of tap shoes on store shelves today.

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Fashion Tips: How To Wear A Leather Skirt

A leather skirt is an amazing way to turn heads and get noticed. It can turn a woman into a fox, and it can turn a teenage girl into a woman. It’s one piece of clothing that can look cold and hard in a closet, but warm and sexy when it’s worn by the right kind of woman.

Not everyone can wear a leather skirt. Here’s a fashion tip for you: a leather skirt looks best on a tall, slender, curvy body. But, nonetheless, if you want to wear one, you have to know how.

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