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Armenian FlagThe Republic of Armenia is in Southwestern Asia. Neighbouring countries are Iran, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan-proper and the Azerbaijan-Naxcivan enclave.
The capital city of Armenia is Yerevan.
The country’s terrain is very mountainous. Rivers include the Aras and the Hrazdan.
Armenia’s climate is continental with hot summers and cold winters.

Armenia falls within the Caucasus Mountain system. Although very mountainous, Armenia has a varied terrain including valleys, forests, semi-desert, rivers and lakes. Lake Sevan is the largest of Armenia’s natural lakes and the Lake Sevan National Park covers one-sixth of the country.

The Ministry for Nature Protection is responsible for Armenia’s forestry and parks. There are also a number non-government ecological organisations.

Wildlife in Armenia includes wild boar, porcupines, lizards, snakes and numerous species of birds. Endangered species living in Armenia are the Caucasian bear, Caucasian bearded goat, the Armenian mouflon (sheep) and the leopard.

Armenia has thousands of historic buildings including many churches and monasteries. The World Heritage site has listed three of Armenia’s religious sites. The first of these is the early Armenian cathedral and churches of Echmiatsin which were built at the site where St Gregory (the Illuminator) was said to have seen a vision. The second World Heritage site lists the Byzantine monasteries of S. Nshan in Haghpat and Sanahin, and the third site is the medieval monastery of Geghard with its churches and tombs carved into surrounding cliffs.

Yerevan, although dating back almost two thousand eight hundred years, has little architecture representing its past. Most of its old buildings were designed during early Soviet rule and built using the local volcanic pink stone, known as tuff. Government offices are situated in Republic Square and the city’s main social area is Opera Square.

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