Louis Vuitton in jeopardy?

Louis VuittonLouis Vuitton is one of the leading names in fashion, and the label for bags. Every major celebrity has been snapped at some point with a Louis Vuitton bag attached to their arm even ‘Mrs High Maintenance’ J-Lo is doing the ad campaign for them at the moment. All fashionists long to own one of these sacred bags. However over the past year it appears that replicas of these bags are becoming increasingly more common.

Fakes of designer brands always surface but the scale of which these bags are being copied is phenomenal. Now many people own such replicas, which are often so like the original that it’s fakeness can only be spotted on extremely close inspection.

As the popularity for fake Vuittons increases surely the status of the Louis Vuitton brand weakens. The reason for Louis Vuitton’s immense popularity is that the high cost of the bags mean they are rare, with only the rich and famous donning them. Now that fakes are available to everyone the high status is suddenly lost. It also makes the bags of those of us lucky enough to own an original less special as most will assume that it is fake due to such replicas.

With every Tom, Dick and Harry covered in Louis Vuitton will the label every recover it’s high status that it once had? If such replications on such a vast scale continue it is highly likely that Vuitton’s high status will completely be lost, and will no longer be the special item that all fashionists long for.

By Kate Laura Teasdale

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