Beauty And Shaving: Should I Use An Electric or Regular Razor

Learn the pros and cons of using a regular razor and an electric razor to decide what is right for you.

Shaving is common among men and women alike. There are many products out on the market today for hair removal and shaving. Among these products are electric razors and non-electric razors. Choosing which is right for you is a personal decision. There are good things and bad things about both choices, but knowing these things can help you make your choice.
There are many good things when you think about the use of regular razors. You can buy regular razors in packs of disposable ones or you can purchase on that only needs the blades replaced every so often. They can come in different shapes and sizes, and different colors for men and women. The handles can be designed to fit in your hand better, and this can allow for a good grip. Regular razors tend to be much smaller than electric razors, so they are easier to travel with or take with you on the go. When using a regular razor, the blades touch the skin directly. This allows for an extremely close shave that will leave your skin silky smooth under most conditions. Using disposable razors can also allow you to change your blades as often as you see fit in order to accommodate your needs for shaving. The small head of a regular razor can also reach places that may be sensitive or harder to reach with larger heads. The razor is able to be taken in the shower with you and is quiet. The razor is always bound to work because there is no power needed. This allows a lightweight contraption that does not take batteries and is not connected to a cord in the wall.

The regular razor also has some things about it that are not very good. Since the blades do touch your skin directly, there is a chance that you can cut your skin and cause bleeding. This can be embarrassing when you are trying to show off that part of your body, and painful in many cases. You also have the chance of razor burn and irritation from shaving. This does not happen to everyone or even in all cases, but is common for some people. Also, a regular razor cannot be used in a dry setting. It is almost guaranteed that you will cut yourself if you try to use the razor when the area is dry. This means that you always have to be somewhere close to water such as in the shower or sitting on the edge of a tub or sink. Another quality that some people find irritating about a regular razor is that of dulling. You will either need to dispose of the entire razor or replace your blades often, which can become expensive depending on how often you shave.

Electric razors also have many good and bad things about them. One good thing about electric razors is that some can be used either wet or dry. This allows you the option of shaving with or without water. Some electric razors can be cordless so they can be used just about anywhere they are needed. They offer a better chance that you will not experience any razor burn or irritation when you are done shaving, and often come with an added feature that allows you to adjust the length and trim instead of shave certain areas. The electric razor is either plugged into the wall so it does not lose power, or is able to be recharged. This allows many people the ability to purchase an electric razor and never have to purchase another razor in the future.

Electric razors do have some bad qualities to them as well. Most electric razors do not shave as close to the skin as regular razors, and may not offer a smooth shave. Using these razors usually takes longer than using a regular razor. Many electric razors are quite noisy, and this can be irritating to many people. Though the electric razors can come with batteries that are rechargeable, some may not hold a charge long enough to finish the entire job while shaving. Even though electric razors are said to be quite easy and harmless, they can actually be painful. They can cause razor burn and irritation as well, and also may give the feeling of the hair being pulled out instead of shaven. Electric razors also come in different shapes and sizes, but tend to be much larger than regular razors. The larger head does not make it easy to shave sensitive places or areas that have many curves.

Though there are pros and cons to each kind of razor, both do get the job done. When deciding whether a regular or electric razor is right for you, it is important to take all the pros and cons into account and decide which would work best with what you are trying to accomplish. All people are different, so the choice of what razor to use is a personal decision that can be made after seeing the facts about the positives and negatives that accompany each razor.

Written by Sarah Sparks – 2002 Pagewise

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