Beauty Tips: How To Tell If Your Makeup Is Causing Acne

A brief look at the causes of acne, including look into particular extracts and additives that might be harmful to one’s skin.

The process by which an individual cares for their skin can be a very difficult and time-consuming endeavor. For women, it is a constant and tedious routine to keep their skin feeling fresh and youthful in appearance. Cosmetics have often served as a sort of second skin to add an appeal and vibrancy to an already healthy visage. What few women have come to realize is that their makeup might be a leading cause of acne vulgaris, or simply acne.

Early signs of acne range from the appearance of blemishes such as “blackheads”, or the oiliness of the skin. Everyone’s skin is different in regard to how much excess oil the glands produce, but in certain makeup, there are particular additives such as synthetic lanolin, which will more than certainly case acne and cause that feeling of oiliness. With this in mind, also be aware that the skin is sensitive and some are more sensitive than others, and the makeup you might be using could possibly have a drastic and awful effect on that healthy skin you are trying to maintain.

Many triggering effects cause acne. Acne is a disease of secreting, fatty, hair follicles. Hormones prompt the glands to secrete a large amount of oil and begin to clog the pores. In the aspect of cosmetics, this too can produce a clogging effect. If you do not remove your make-up properly at the end of an evening, there is residue and build-up remaining behind that starts to collect in the pores. Understand that there is ultimately no real cure for acne. It is going to be a nonstop battle to prevent it, but if you know the signs and learn the keys of prevention then you will do fine.

The cleansing of the face properly is very vital and important to keeping that sheen and luster you are trying so hard to maintain. As well as the prompt and thorough removal of make-up, you should also keep in mind that your cosmetic brushes should be rinsed off efficiently, to be sure that no unwanted residue and germs are left to hide and attack your face on their next use.

Acne can present very noticeable and unappealing blemishes that can weaken one’s self esteem, and before this happens to you, take the time and reevaluate your regiment. See a dermatologist, and gain their expertise in finding the proper cosmetics and treatments that would best suit your skin types. Cosmetics are full of different derivatives, and you should note that any cosmetics that list in their ingredients: Acetylated Lanolin, Botanicals, Algae Extract, Minerals, or Algin, are not the best choices. Look for a line that lists Natural Lanolin, which is a product of sheep’s wool and does not cause acne.

Stop the problem before it happens. Timing is everything. Before pustules begin to form, treat your face. It is the first thing another person gazes at, and you want to return that gaze with a smile on that vibrant piece of flesh. It is not vanity to care for one’s skin, just as it is not vanity to apply cosmetics. Indulge your passion for healthy maintenance and self-preservation and keep that skin healthy and shimmering.

Written by David Hernandez – 2002 Pagewise

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