Hair Style Advice: Hair Products Humidity Won’t Affect

What is Humidity?

Humidity is a term that refers to how much water vapor is in the air. Humidity is most referred to by weather forecasters; however, humidity can also effects more than weather–it can affect the condition of our hair. High humidity can cause hair to be dry or frizzy.

How does Humidity affect my hair?

When there is a large amount of humidity in the air outside, it can cause our hair strands to swell. This swelling is because water is already a component in our hair. When our hair strands began to swell, it creates frizzy or dry hair. The amount of humidity in the air can also determine the length of our hair. When humidity increases our hair becomes longer and as humidity levels go down, our hair becomes shorter. When humidity is high and there is extra length added to our hair the effect is frizzy hair. When you blow dry and heat style your hair excess moisture is taken away, which can also make hair become frizzier in high humidity. Try to use steam styling products instead of dry heating tools. Steam styling products will also help to cut down the frizz.

What products are best to use on humid days?

Humidity affects hair in different ways. If your hair tends to get flat and dull in high humidity, then be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner for fine hair. This helps to keep the hair light and not weighted down in the high humidity. If you are like most people then your hair becomes frizzy in high humidity. If your hair does become frizzy, use a hair serum that contains silicone. Be sure to apply the hair serum while your hair is still wet, and blot it with a towel. Hair serums made with silicon are available at all salons, and drugstores. To further the effect, be sure to apply a cream based smoothing product from the roots to the end of your hair. These steps will help to control frizz throughout the day. Humidity can also cause some hair types to produce more oil, and look oilier and weighed down. Be sure to shampoo frequently to help to avoid the over production of oil in your scalp. Avoid products that contain alcohol or formaldehyde because they can dry out the hair. Excessive dry hair also causes frizzy hair in high humidity. Beware of products that say that they replenish moisture to the hair; a lot of these products simply add weight and not true moisture.

Hair care tips

To continue your healthy hair regiment and to prevent your hair from reacting to humidity, try the following:

1. Take your vitamins! Healthy hair is also affected by the type of vitamins that our bodies are receiving.

2. Use a heavy leave in conditioner once a week to help restore hair.

3. Trim your hair regularly. This will help cut down on the frizz that the extra length of the hair can cause.

4. Use a UV protected product on your hair if you are going to be in the sun for an extended period of time.

5. Use steam styling tools, because they are less drying to the hair.

By: Penny Harrison

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