Fashion Tips: The Latest Designer Trends In Purses And Handbags

Designer handbags are known for their quality of materials and manufacturing as well as for their classic timeless looks and functionality. However, designer handbags can also be extremely trendy and fun. Cutting edge designers are stocking the shelves with a variety of exciting features. Look for prominent logos, the addition of brighter colors, shimmer and shine, and great details that make strong fashion statements. After all, a designer handbag should get you noticed.

A major trend that we have seen in a variety of styles is the monogram/signature/initial print, where a designer repeats their distinctive logo or initials covering the handbag’s surface. For example, you have probably seen Jessica Simpson sporting her beloved Louis Vuitton bags. Other examples of this trend are Dooney and Bourke’s “It” bags and Coach’s Signature Collection. Because of its popularity, this will probably be a trend we see season after season. In fact, these bags, whether they are limited editions or continue to be produced in new and inventive ways, are likely to be the trend that never goes out of style.

Another trend with staying power in the world of handbags is the prevalence of the color pink. Fresh, fun, and feminine shades range from the palest baby pink to the hottest fuchsia. If pink isn’t truly your color, look for its deviations in berry hues and purples. In addition to pinks, bright colors will dominate this spring and summer. Two must-have colors are sure to be lime green and turquoise.

In addition to these hot colors, shimmer and shine can be found nearly everywhere you look this spring. Accessories such as sunglasses and watches are encrusted with crystals. How does all this glitz translate into designer handbag collections? The new look is metallic. One way that metallic bags will emerge is through the inclusion of metallic leather trim on fabric handbags. You will see an increasing amount of gold and copper in addition to the currently popular silver. Colors like purple, blue, pink, and orange will also translate well into metallic looks. Another way that a metal shine and pizzazz is added to trendy handbags is through their hardware. Look for chains replacing handbag straps, decorative (and sometimes magnetic) clasps, studs, and rings. It is all about the details with these decorative additions to the usual amount of hardware. You can also anticipate other new added details like stitching and tassels. Stitching will make the scene with colors that tastefully contrast with the rest of the handbag, and tassels will spice up handbag looks tastefully. Expect to see a variety of tassels placed in imaginative ways and watch for leather tassels on a drawstring around the top of a tote, or dangling from a zipper.

When it comes to the material that will showcase these details, the fabric and straw always appear to be very light and summery. Perhaps to suit those with active lifestyles who prefer to spend their summers outdoors, fabric is high quality and easy to clean. Straw handbags might be designed for those who like picnics (think picnic baskets). Both functional and fun, these bags will carry everything you need for a day in the sun. And when you’re ready to transition into fall and winter fashion, crocodile and crocodile print leather is back and appears luxurious and rich.

No matter what the season, keep up with the latest designer trends and enjoy accessorizing with your handbag. Matching or complimentary wallets and wristlets, belts, shoes, and watches add charm and make for a well-put-together look. You can also create your own fashion handbag statement and dress up your handbag by tying a small square silk scarf onto your handbag strap. Take two diagonal corners of the square and match them up, folding the scarf in half into a triangle shape. Roll the point of the triangle that you created with the initial two corners to the straight edge. Then take the rolled scarf and tie it in a square knot around the side of the strap that will be in back of you when it is on your shoulder (so it stays out of your way). This can be very pretty and looks fantastic when coordinated with an outfit.

Don’t let the variety of designer handbag trends confuse you. Pick those that appeal to you most, or create your own. With all of the fresh ideas and exciting fabrics going into this year’s designer handbags, it will be impossible to sport one and appear drab or dated.

By: Sarah McGuire

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