Trinny & Susannah introduce Magic Knickers!

Trinny & Susannah introduce Magic Knickers!

Trinny & Susannah have brought Magic Knickers to the nation’s attention in a big way. On their hit TV show What Not To Wear, they showed us how badly fitted underwear can completely ruin your look by creating VPL and lumps and bumps. They proved that by wearing a pair of good Magic Knickers you can look pounds lighter and all your bulges will be smoothed away.

Trinny & Susannah have now launched their own range of Magic Knickers. These Magic Knickers will suck you in and hoik you up quicker than any diet or exercise regime, say Trinny & Susannah. After a decade of researching and road testing shape wear, we have found the perfect range of Magic Knickers.

The Trinny and Susannah Bum Tum and Thigh Reducer offers an amazing slimming effect that covers from just above your knees to just below your bust and the results are really amazing. You will be sucked in and shaped and fat rolls will be reduced. You will end up with a visibly slimmer silhouette and a reduction of up to one dress size! The bacteriostatic “Skinlife” fibre is active against bacteria and maintains natural skin balance.

The complete range of Magic Knickers can be found at

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