What the underwear says about him

UnderwearUsually most men are used to buy basic boxers or briefs without any thinking of what they wear. It is simple and ordinary. Not interesting and boring. It could be even a big mistake to imagine that your underwear can’t help to impress desirable women. According to cosmopolitan statistics men reveal secrets about themselves by choosing particular type of underwear. So, dedicating to all those guys who want to express the best advantages there are little things they should know.

The most important rule stresses that there is nothing more disappointing and less impressive when stripping down fascinating (judging from the outside) guy and revealing saggy, old briefs. There is a lot to choose from, so get started!

Thirst of all, two competing types boxers or briefs?

Boxers pretend to the most conservative style of underwear. So, the boxer preferrer is mostly very traditional guy (it mean no challenges, no impulsiveness, no creativity and no impression. Kidding!). Such men likes and enjoy his maturation, obviously he knows his value. He knows the value of surprises, which lies in formless material.

Slinky briefs are dedicated as a symbol of his youth. Such meaning of underwear could reveal his unwillingness to grow up and become serious. Those guys involuntary are very attached to the inner child of themselves.

However, nowadays briefs are loosing their status and popularity in the underwear world, but they will always maintain its interest in sporting events.

Boxer Briefs – the combination of both precursors offering double advantages. This is relatively new provocation on the underwear scene.

Men with this underwear should be very self-confident, mostly prefer athletic style and is keen on grooming his appearance.

Bikini is for the bravest, adventure seekers and those who are able enjoy the living. Such guys are always ready to taste a new flavor they are fashionable and open. There is no space for your imagination!

Underwear-less men would be the most provocative, even though the less sexy, because lacks the secret and surprises. Such men must have strong attitude to his way of living and be very fastidious. This rebellious image gives the freedom of standards and stereotypes!

This smart list of explaining the meanings in men pants would be really very helpful if we could resolve all the guys into five uniform categories. Unfortunately, this is never so simple and effective there will always be a man who has never thought about it. And he will never be worse than other!

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