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Natural Remedies: How To Remove Calluses On Hands

How to remove and prevent calluses on the hands.

A callus is a thickening or hardening of the skin. They form as a result of friction or pressure against the skin. In general, calluses are normal and natural. They are part of the body’s defense system. For example, Since they have never walked, infants have very tender feet. They have no calluses. But adults often have hard, even horny calluses.

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Natural Remedies With Antibiotic Properties

With the skyrocketing costs of healthcare and prescription drugs, many people are opting to treat minor ailments themselves with natural remedies.

Contributing to the popularity of natural remedies is the fact that they are over the counter preparations and can be obtained without a prescription. They also tend to have fewer side effects than many popularly prescribed medications.

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Alternative Health Herbs: Herbal Medicine To Help Through Pregnancy

An overview of common herbal medicines used during pregnancy.

Herb use in pregnancy has a long standing reputation. Traditional Chinese medicine has many herbal medicines to help the mother and child reach a strong, healthy birth. Native American women have long relied on indigenous plants to achieve easier childbirth and healthier babies.

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Alternative Health Herbs: Herbal Medicine For Menopause

Menopause discomfort can be treated safely and effectively with herbal supplements. Black cohosh, soy, red clover, and other plant medicines can relieve most symptoms.

Menopause brings an assortment of unpleasant symptoms into the life of many women. Hot flashes, irritability, and tiredness are common during the years before and after that last period.

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Alternative Health Herbs: Herbal Medicine To Increase Fertility

HerbsThe causes of infertility are complex and vary in each woman and man. Studies have shown that around 50 percent of infertility in couples is because of low sperm count. Another 35 percent is due to blocked fallopian tubes or other uterine problems and the remaining 15 percent remains unknown.

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