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A Peril To Your Pet: Cat Diabetes

Several rats must have cursed your lovely cat! It has feline diabetes. Like a human being, it has gone through pathological tests. And the tests have confirmed that the cat has diabetes. In the initial stage, you are not willing to believe this.

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Dealing with a Dog Food Allergy?

Just as humans allergies can show up as a sneeze or rash, your dog’s allergies can manifest as itchiness — or even ear infections. In fact, if your dog’s allergic to his food, it can cause him to scratch himself constantly, even with no obvious parasite problem.

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Protect Your Cat With Vaccinations

Protect Your Cat With VaccinationsIf you want to enjoy the companionship of a healthy and happy cat, 1 of the most important things you can do is to safeguard its health. Vaccinations can protect your cat from many common cat diseases.

Weaned From Mother’s Immunity

When your kitten is 6 to 8 weeks old, you should begin his vaccinations. Before this time, the mother’s antibodies have been protecting him.

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Does Your Dog Suffer From Allergies?

Does Your Dog Suffer From Allergies?Dogs can get allergies for a variety of reasons, but there are a few culprits that lead to a state of a weakened immune system. Once a dog has a weakened immune system, he may start having allergic reactions to things that would not normally bother a healthy, strong dog. And he may develop a serious autoimmune problem like inflammatory bowel disease or hyperthyroidism.

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