A Peril To Your Pet: Cat Diabetes


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Several rats must have cursed your lovely cat! It has feline diabetes. Like a human being, it has gone through pathological tests. And the tests have confirmed that the cat has diabetes. In the initial stage, you are not willing to believe this. But the test reports are before you! It is a serious disease!

Now, what is diabetes in a cat? How does it differ from the diabetes in human beings? Not much in principle, except that human beings can be advised to exercise control over the diet, but the cat won’t stop eating rats!

Now you know what diabetes is. At the cost of repeating and for the benefit of the cat, I repeat it for you. Blood contains sugar. This sugar is known as glucose. The hormone insulin controls the blood sugar level. Insulin is produced by the pancreas. When this organ does not produce adequate insulin, it is the state of diabetes.

Cats pass more urine than the usual and wish to drink more and more water. It suffers weight loss, develops lethargy and poor coat condition and decreased appetite.

In the state explained above, your cat needs to be provided with immediate treatment. If you neglect its present stage, it will soon become inactive, stop urinating, will begin to vomit regularly and in the end fall into a coma. You need to give to your cat, appropriate food, at fixed intervals.

Your vet surgeon needs to be consulted immediately. It needs insulin shots. The surgeon will decide about the number of shots required per day.

Before taking the cat for the insulin shot, give it the proper food. Never take it for the insulin shot on an empty stomach. The reaction or side effect in such a case will be instant. If that is not done, a hypoglycemic shock may occur with the cat. Excess insulin may also do the ultimate damage.

Feline diabetes may affect cats of any breed, age or s. The exact causes for diabetes in cats are not known. But the known causes read like the ones that contribute to diabetes in human beings. They are obesity, pancreatic disease, genetics and hormonal imbalances… and the usual cause, wrong medication!

If you are a genuine lover of animals, you need to give the same care to your pets, presently the cat. That you can do by taking it for periodical physical examination to your vet. By doing so, you may get a gift there. The precious gift of the life of your pet!

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