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Health and Fitness: Taking a Yoga Class for Weight Loss

Make sure to select the right yoga class for weight loss; start with a beginner’s class and then progress to a more athletic class if desired.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice from India which seeks to unite mind and body; in fact, in the ancient language of Sanskrit, the word yoga means “union.”

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How To Burn More Calories Through Daily Activities

If dieting alone isn’t helping you reach your weight loss goal, here are some ways to burn calories through typical daily activities.

Stepping onto the bathroom scale with confidence, you study the window that indicates your weight. Your heart drops. Instead of the expected two-pound loss for this week, the scale shows barely half a pound less than last week.

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Tips For Following Yoga Videos In Your Home To Learn Yoga

How to learn yoga in your home and reap the benefits of practice, by taking advantage of yoga video exercise programs.

For people who have never done yoga before, the first time watching a yoga instruction video may seem overwhelming. The instructor and possibly members of a class will twist their bodies with ease into the various postures or asanas, a Sanskrit word meaning seat. For the novice, this seems impossible.

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Health And Fitness: How To Design A Home Gym Weight Training Routine

Simple and effective ideas on how to design a home gym weight training routine including equipment, creating room and space in your house, exercises and safety precautions.

In order to design a home weight training routine it is essential to get a few things in order. Medical clearance should be obtained or considered as this is an extremely important element related to safe exercise. It is also very important to decide where in the home these exercises will take place.

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How Weight-Resistance Training Conditions Your Muscles

Learn the basic principles that explain how weight-resistance training leads to gains in the strength and performance of your muscles.

Weight-resistance training involves repeated lifting of an increasing amount of weight over time. By using your muscles to resist the opposing force of the weight, you condition your muscles in three main ways: by improving neuro-muscular efficiency, by building muscle tissue, and by establishing movement patterns.

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5 Health Related Reasons To Exercise

If you’re looking for health-related reasons to exercise, how about doing it for your brain, heart, lungs, muscles, and bones?

The benefits of exercise are well documented, with its positive impact on the body’s physical and mental processes. Exercise can even be fun if you share a routine with friends or enjoy playtime with the kids.

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