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Flag of DenmarkDenmark is in Northern Europe. The country forms a link between Europe and Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Sweden). Denmark’s land border is with Germany, its long coastline is surrounded by the North Sea and bordered by the Baltic Sea.

The country consists of a peninsula (Jutland) and many islands, for example, Zealand, Fyn and Bornholm. Greenland, one of the world’s largest islands, is self-governing but part of the Kingdom. The eighteen Faroe Islands, which have some degree of self-government, are also part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Copenhagen is the capital city.

The country is low and flat with rolling hills. However the island of Bornholm is hilly and rugged. The coastline is particularly long with a number of fjords.

Denmark has a temperate coastal climate.

Denmark has few forests; the island of Bornholm is the kingdom’s most densely forested region.

Protected areas include Laeso, Kongernes Nordsjaelland, Lille Vildmose, Mols Bjerge, Mon, Thy, and Vadehavet.

A number of protected areas are listed by Ramsar as Wetlands of International Importance. The wetlands are staging points for many migratory birds. The sites of Horsens Fjord, Avno Fjords and Laeso are important areas for seals.

Like most industrialised countries Denmark suffers from water and air pollution. The Danish government encourages wind power as a source of energy and the use of bicycles to reduce the number of cars on the road.

Timber was the traditional building material of the Vikings who lived in timber-framed homes with wattle and daub walls.

Early Christian churches were also built in wood but stone was introduced as a more durable material. Brick-making came to Denmark in the mid twelfth century. The Gothic style Roskilde Cathedral, inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1995, was the first Scandinavian cathedral constructed with bricks.

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The Royal castle of Kronborg at Helsingor (Elsinore), built in the sixteenth century is also on the World Heritage List.

Today architecture is a mixture of the old and the new. Many beautiful castles, including those built during the reign of King Christian IV (1588-1648), can be seen throughout the country.

The most famous building designed by a Danish architect is Jorn Utzon’s Sydney Opera House.

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