Trinny & Susannah introduce Magic Knickers!

Filed under: Beauty — Fashion January 25, 2008

Trinny & Susannah introduce Magic Knickers!

Trinny & Susannah have brought Magic Knickers to the nation’s attention in a big way. On their hit TV show What Not To Wear, they showed us how badly fitted underwear can completely ruin your look by creating VPL and lumps and bumps. Read more…

Lingerie Party Website Launched

Filed under: Fashion,Online Shipping — Fashion November 16, 2007

Lingerie parties are fast becoming popular amongst women of all ages. For those planning a bachelorette party, a bridal shower or just a fun and exciting theme party, a lingerie party is often the best way to go. There are many ways to organize a lingerie party. For example, a hostess can invite a representative from a lingerie boutique to help her plan and organize the event. Read more…

Getting A Home Makeover

Filed under: Beauty,Help — Fashion October 4, 2007

Looking at yourself in the mirror you have decided it’s time to do something about yourself. You don’t have the money or time to go away to make yourself over, but you know you needed to do something. You needed a new look and a new attitude, along with putting your body back in shape. Read more…

Make Up Art Cosmetics That Are Smear Proof

Filed under: Beauty,Makeup — Fashion October 2, 2007

Isn’t it embarrassing when you catch sight of your reflection after an important meeting at work, and you have a black smear of eyeliner UNDER one eye? Or when you’ve had a hilarious lunchhour with your girlfriends, and rushed back to the office without checking your makeup, only to find – hours later – that “artistic” trails of mascara have settled halfway down your cheeks? Read more…

Highlight Shades for Long Brown Hair

Filed under: Beauty,Hair Care — Fashion September 22, 2007

Should you go, as a brunette, with shimmering sand strands, strawberry blonde streaks, golden tones? Should you go cool or warm? Red, blonde, copper, or just a lighter shade of brown? Highlights can make an updo look more sophisticated, inspire your loose waves to seduce that new guy, or fool people into thinking you just spent a week by the ocean. Brown hair’s the most versatile in the highlighting realm due to its endless color possibilities. Blondes get lowlights or highlights a few shades lighter their natural color, redheads can use certain shades of blonde, but long-haired brunettes can truly do anything and be as subtle or daring as they want. Read more…

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