What the underwear says about him

UnderwearUsually most men are used to buy basic boxers or briefs without any thinking of what they wear. It is simple and ordinary. Not interesting and boring. It could be even a big mistake to imagine that your underwear can’t help to impress desirable women. According to cosmopolitan statistics men reveal secrets about themselves by choosing particular type of underwear. So, dedicating to all those guys who want to express the best advantages there are little things they should know.

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Herbal Beauty Recipe


Facial masks are beneficial for removing dead skin, unclogging pores and helping prevent premature lines and wrinkles. Applying a facial mask once a week can dramatically improve your skin’s overall health.

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Five Ways to Make Your Manicure Last

Man and Womenby Substance Nail Expert Deborah Lippmann

1. Make sure you have a very clean nail plate before applying polish. The natural oils on your nail, lotion or a piece of cotton fiber will make the polish peel. I like to strip the nails by swabbing them with Sea Breeze or nail polish remover.

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Mens Fashion

By Esohe Ebohon

Fashion and clothing shopping has always been seen to be a women’s domain, something in which men until recently have not taken an active interest.

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Homemade Honey Beauty Recipes

Hair Shine

Stir 1 teaspoon honey into 4 cups (1 quart) warm water. Blondes may wish to add a squeeze of lemon. After shampooing, pour mixture through hair. Do not rinse out. Dry as normal.

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