Fashion for Women: Checkout the Latest Trends

The exquisite color and contour with the vibrant luster in fashion is what women really love more. May it be an impeccable one or not, but the carefree touch that it generates on the body-and-dress is what fashion destines to get adept of.

Whats current in the womens fashion world? Lets take a close look.

Yarns for autumn

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Fashionistas find high-end bags at low-end prices

Fashion BagsNEW YORK (Reuters) – The flashy accessories that accompany top designs on fashion runways are well beyond the budgets of many a fashionista, but even the most cash-strapped consumer has one way to copy the looks — rent it.

Companies such as Bag Borrow or Steal and From Bags to Riches are mining a rich market by renting high-end handbags, which may retail for more than $2,000 apiece, to fashion fans.

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Fashion weeks

Fashion weeks in simple words are the fashion events taking place all over the world. These events take place in almost every single bigger city in the world like New York, Chicago, Honkong, Tokyo, Moscow and others. These shows are being held at least two times a year: for spring and autumn seasons/collections.

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Perfume imitates nature

Some perfumes use pheromones from the animal world. “Civetone”, for example, comes from both male and female civet cats and musk comes from male musk oxen. Both pheromones are used to mark territory and to attract the attention of the opposite. Human urine has been found to contain a substance with a strong musk-like smell.

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New Beauty Tips

Brighten up. For sallow looking skin, give yourself an instant pick me up with Ultima II Glowtion Skin Brightening Moisturizer. This moisturizer adds just a hint of color that makes skin look brighter and even toned upon application! It also contains Spf15 for protection from the sun. This is a perfect way to keep it light for summer months when foundation may seem a bit much on the skin.

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