Applying Your Make-up for Work

Work and play have very different aspects to them. The same holds true when applying make-up for the different events. Generally for work you will use colors that are more neutral, like subtle colors and earth tones. This gives you a professional look and gives an aire of confidence to those you come in contact with. Most of the time if a person wears loud colors in a professional environment, everyone seems to not take that person seriously. Now let’s get to the particulars.

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A Sketch about Fashion

Fashion and History

Strict rules concerning the way a person has to be dressed have remained in force only in some exceptional cases. It’s not the same as it was 250 years ago when the color of a dress was very important or the number of golden buttons strictly corresponded to the social position of a person.

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Lifestyle Tips for Young Skin

Your skin mirrors your lifestyle. It reflects what you eat, drink or do. So invest on your skin – keep it young with these simple lifestyle pointers.

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Mardi Gras Facts

1969 – A French exploring party led by Pierre LeMoyne lands 60 miles below New Orleans on Fat Tuesday. He names the spot Pointe du Mardi Gras and the group celebrated.

1743 – The first Carnival ball is held. Masking is forbidden by the Spanish governor.

1781 – The newspaper reports that masking is again flourishing during Mardi Gras.

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Keeping Hair Color Fresh

Keeping Hair Color FreshWe all know when we have a good hair day. Life just seems to go better. But you cant have a good hair day when your roots are showing (Did you know others notice roots more than you do?) So why wait just one more week when something so easy makes you feel so good?

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