Makeup Tips: The Benefits and Uses of Mineral Foundation Powders

Mineral foundation powders are the newest trend in make up. Here are healthy skin benefits to using this product, along with application tips and techniques.

Mineral based makeup has become a huge trend that is definitely here to stay. The benefits of using mineral foundation powders are numerous and quite compelling. The beauty of mineral foundation powder is that it can be used on all skin hues and skin types. It is made of high pigment minerals that have been finely crushed. They are available in loose dusting powders, pressed powders and creme powders.

Mineral based makeup differs from traditional makeup in a very specific way. Most cosmetics have artificial ingredients. They are filled with fragrances, talc, preservatives, dyes, and unnecessary additives. These ingredients can be damaging to pores and the skin’s general appearance.

In contrast, mineral foundation powder is totally pure. This product does not contain ingredients that can be harmful to your skin’s health. Actually, mineral foundation powder contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which have been proven to improve the condition of your skin with continued use. It is ideal for sensitive, acne-prone or damaged skin.

Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are two minerals that are a very powerful sun block. At an SPF 20, they can protect your face from damaging UVA, UVB and URA rays. For this reason alone, mineral-based makeup is recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons during the healing time after surgery. Mineral makeup actually promotes and speeds up healing time. You also need not buy a separate sun block. This amazing product has the sun block built right in!

In addition, sensitive and acne-prone skin can benefit from using mineral foundation powder. There is an extremely low allergy risk and is excellent for all types of problem skin. These powders aid in oil absorption and keep a matte fresh finish throughout the day and into the night. They contain no skin irritating materials. They are also comedogenic, which means they will not block or clog pores.

Mineral foundation powder is free of oils, waxes, silicone and is anti-inflammatory. They can assist in soothing and medicating irritated skin. The ingredients consist of inert and natural minerals that can not support bacteria and are preservative free. There is virtually no risk for people with skin allergies or skin sensitivity.

This product is so pure that less is more. You can use a lot less of the product and receive the same amount of coverage. Since most people do not like looking too “made up,” this is ideal. The trick of wearing make up is to look like you aren’t wearing any, so mineral foundation powder is the answer. Most people find that mineral foundation powder is perfect from smoothing out imperfections while still looking natural. Moreover, since you are using less product, you are actually saving money!

Make up artists swear by mineral foundation powders. They provide radiant coverage. The mica contained in most of these powders serves to reflect light to minimize the look of fine lines. Being talc-free, mineral powders hold in moisture to keep the skin healthy and hydrated, thereby avoiding wrinkles. They give a sheer and flawless finish. The minerals combine with your skin’s natural oils to make flaws virtually disappear. The oils in your skin actually make mineral powders look better as the day goes on!

In addition, your face will not look dull or like the powder was caked on. Mineral foundation powder covers the skin in a micro-thin dusting that reflects light and is incredibly light and breathable, allowing the skin’s true radiance to shine through. The light reflective ingredients give the skin a youthful, almost dewy glow with a light weight and creamy finish. The light reflective nature also makes each shade of powder suitable for a variety of skin tones and hues.

Mineral powders are also water resistant. They can withstand tears, weather and sweat. It has amazing versatility, whether it is creme powder or dry loose powder. It can last all day with out any touch ups. It is also so natural enough in appearance to be used by men who want to cover a blemish or even out skin tone.

The numerous benefits of using mineral foundation powder are evident. Here are some helpful hints for application:

• First of all, a good set of make up brushes is important. The quality of the brushes can make a huge difference in the look of an application.

• Apply mineral foundation dry loose powders for soft, air brushed look. For heavier and longer lasting coverage, use a damp make up brush to apply the powder to your face. It lasts all day and it very waterproof!

• For a dewy or glowing effect, you can mix loose powder with facial moisturizer. A small amount of this mix applied with your fingers on the apples of cheeks can really create a shimmery and lustrous effect.

• Try to absorb any excess moisture on your face before using loose powder if you desire a matte look. This serves to prevent a blotchy appearance and prevents power from clumping up around your T-Zone. The T-Zone is your forehead, nose and chin, which are notoriously oily spots.

• When using creme mineral foundation powder, start off applying it very lightly using downward strokes. Remember, it does not take much, since mineral make up is so pure and is a concentrated pigment. Start lightly dusting and then build up layers if needed, especially around your T-Zone. Let the powder set while you finish up your eyes or lips.

• To finish your make up, apply a light application of loose powder down the middle of the T-zone, across the eyes and lips. If too much powder is applied in the beginning of the makeup, your skin appears shinier quicker.

Written by Bethany Mavronicles – 2002 Pagewise

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