Beauty And Humidity: Hair Style And Product Advice

Products and styles for great looking hair on humid days.

Humidity can wreak havoc on hair. Humidity can really bring out the frizz in curly hair and make it unmanageable and often it makes fine, straight hair limp and lifeless.

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Choosing Anti-Aging Products

All about choosing great anti aging skin care products.

Choosing anti-aging products should always be approached with great care. If you’re considering purchasing anti-aging products, you will want to understand a lot more about them than just what the cover of the package says.

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Nail And Manicure Benefits: How To Use Cuticle Oil

How to make your own homemade cuticle oil and how to use it with a manicure to improve dry, irritated and hanging nails and cuticles.

Cuticle oil was once messy and awkward to use, but has become a vital part of regular beauty regimens across the globe.

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Fashion Tips: Sizing Rules For Mini Skirts

Careful attention to sizing rules can help women of any body type to find a mini skirt that flatters their figure.

Women of all shapes and sizes desire to wear mini skirts and look good in them. You may think that mini skirts are only for tall, thin women but, although it’s a flattering style for that body type, women of any body type can wear a mini skirt that flatters their own shape.

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Fashion Tips: Dos And Don’ts For Using A Silk Handbag

What to wear with a silk purse and how to clean and care for it. Also, fashion mistakes, hits and misses, and style suggestions for wearing a silk handbag.

When it comes to silk handbags there are a few things you don’t want to do in order to be fashion conscious. There are actresses who think they’re trendsetters by going against the fashion norm when in fact they’re not.

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