Top 5 Risks of Body Piercing

Body piercing may sound like a new-age art but the truth is that we have been practicing it for centuries. Have you ever realised that even your earring hole is a form of body piercing? It is the most common form of body piercing practised. In India, women routinely pierce their nostrils too. Instances of body piercing have been found in the Bible as well as in Egyptian Mummies.

Body piercing is the piercing of a body part in order to wear jewellery in the opening created. Does that sound crazy?

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Fashion Tips: Dress Rich On Limited Budget

If you want to dress as if you’re a millionaire, it just got easier. Anybody from any economic background can look as if they have it all, by following the rich way of dressing. Learn how you can look the part on the most limited budget, how to prioritize your wardrobe choices and where to shop to make the most of your dollar.

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Enhance Lips And Eyes With Retinol Cream

Let’s face it-laugh lines are not that funny. Sure, they may be a reminder of the smiles and good times we’ve shared with friends and loved ones over the years, but they’re also a wake-up call that we’re not getting any younger.

The good news is that innovative skin care products may help us hit the snooze bar on all those fine lines that are causing alarm. Amazing advances have been made in treating and preventing wrinkles, especially with products containing retinol.

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Fashion Colors That Look Bad With Brown Hair

This article describes different fashion colors that look bad with brown hair, some by skin tones and a few that look bad on all brunettes.

As a diverse person, you will see me changing from a brunette to a blonde and back again whenever the creative bug strikes me. This can be challenging due to the fact that there are fashion colors that look bad with brown hair (or blonde for that matter).

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Hair Removal Tips: How To Use A Cream Without Irritation

What is a hair removal cream?

Hair removal creams otherwise known as depilatory creams are designed to dissolve hair and the hair’s root bulb leaving a smooth surface that lasts for a couple of weeks. Regardless of what brand of depilatory cream you use they all pretty much contain one of the three following acid based ingredients that can cause mild irritation up to severe allergic reactions Urea, Calcium Hydroxide or Calcium Thioglycolates.

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