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Fitness monitors can show you to achieve the best exercise results possible and acheive optimum health. Read on for more details.

Everyone wants to get in better shape, tone up, and lose weight. You’ve finally found the perfect plan and you intend to stick with it. You have opted to change the way you eat to really help kick-start the weight loss. After a couple of weeks of your great plan for weight loss, you haven’t lost as much weight as you had planned and you’re frustrated! The problem is, you’re exercising but you aren’t exercising and exerting the right amount of energy, so your weight loss has not been what it could be. What you need are some good monitors to help you reach your goals and your full potential.

Something as simple as a stopwatch can really help you get in better shape. A stopwatch is an accurate way to help monitor the exact amount of time you are exerting energy, and then based on results – you can either add to or take away from the time you are exercising. You can buy a stopwatch for less than ten dollars, and there is no reason to spend more on something fancier unless you want to.

Another very simple weight loss monitor that everyone should have is a pedometer. A pedometer is a small device usually worn on the waistband that counts the number of steps you take every day. Doctors have found that if someone wants to consistently lose weight, they should take at least ten thousand steps every day. If you find you are only walking two thousand steps it could be a good indicator of why you haven’t lost more weight. The good thing about a pedometer is that it also has the ability to show you that exercise doesn’t have to be done in one big block of time – each step you take really does count! A pedometer can be purchased for less than fifteen dollars. They can also be fairly expensive if you want it to come with a radio and all sorts of other little features, although all you really need to get started is something that will count your steps accurately.

A heart monitor is also very important. Dependent upon your age and general health, your heart has to beat a certain number of times over the course of a minute to actually get your metabolism to a fat burning point. If you aren’t exerting enough energy, your heart won’t beat enough to boost your metabolism, and despite your best efforts your weight loss will be minimal. Everyone’s target heart rate is a little bit different, and more isn’t always better. When choosing a weight loss plan that is right for you, you should work with your doctor to determine what your target heart rate is for optimum fat burning results. A good heart monitor will probably run you between thirty and fifty dollars, although you may be able to find it for a lot more or a bit less depending on where you shop and how many bells and whistles you’d like it to have.

Of course, there are a lot of little gadgets out there that are said to help you lose weight, but these three are so simple and really do help motivate and encourage weight loss. Losing weight is like anything else; you can’t do it right if you don’t know what it is you are trying to do. Once you have an idea of how long, how far, and how hard you have to work to do something, success seems as simple as putting one foot in front of the other, and it is!

By: Ryan Johnson

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