Facts for Men and Women Experiencing Hair Loss


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Hair plays an important role in most people’s overall appearance. Hair, teeth, and nails are all admired and emulated as a sign of beauty in our society. Unfortunately, when we see signs of appearance slipping, we are devastated. As men and women, we have to realize that sometimes these things are out of our control. Hair loss does NOT imply that we’re ‘slipping’ or ‘aging poorly.’ Instead, hair loss can be caused by a hereditary trait, a hormonal imbalance, stress, a reaction to medication, or a symptom of sickness.

If you’re concerned about your hair loss, you should contact your family physician. He/she may suggest a blood test and/or refer you to a dermatologist. A doctor can diagnose the cause of your condition through blood testing, history, and categorization.

Get the facts. The most common types of hair loss include:

Alopecia Areata: this condition is characterized by the loss of hair, which results in hairless, round patches on the scalp. In extreme cases, this condition may cause the complete loss of body hair. It is commonly found in people under the age of thirty.

Androgenetic Alopecia: this condition has been coined “pattern baldness.” It’s common is men and women over the age of forty and affects both men and women differently. Men tend to experience a receding/thinning front hairline. In women, this condition may result in thinning to the top of the scalp. Typically, the front hairline is preserved.

Telogen effluvium: Also known as “resting hair loss,” can be a little trickier to diagnose as it doesn’t effect one particular area of the scalp. Men and women who experience diffuse hair loss quite commonly experience this condition. It occurs often after childbirth, surgery, infection, and can accompany autoimmune diseases.

Did you know that hair products can cause hair loss? It’s true.

– Men and women who wear tight ponytails and braids on a regular basis are prone to receding hairlines and thin hair. – Use of heavy styling products, including sprays, hairs, and gels (which contain alcohol) weather the hair and promote breakage. – Hair perms and dyes dry the hair and cause breakage. – Hair Loss in hair stylists is exceptionally high as they tend to use an excessive amount of cosmetic hair products.

Today, there’s a number of treatments available to men and women experiencing balding and/or hair loss. You name it, it’s available. Topical creams, oral medications, injections of cortisone, scalp reductions, and hair transplants are all accessible to the man and women who wish to change their appearance.

Nevertheless, what works for one person may not work for another. Consult with your physician to see which option (if any) would suit your condition.

About The Author:
Raj Pandey is the creator of a female and male hair loss treatment program at http://www.inhairit.com, and has written hundreds of articles and tips about dealing with hair loss.

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